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Plumbers in London fixing burst pipes

Plumbers in LondonCold weather can freeze the water pipes in your home. The past few days especially have been extremely cold so it’s best to check the pipes and follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your home well looked after this winter. 

Leave the central heating on for short periods of time throughout the day

Allow warm air into your loft/attic by keeping the trap door open

Handymen in London offering Gardening Services

Handyman in LondonGardens and outdoor living spaces need to be maintained regularly to keep them looking fresh and inviting. We understand that every garden and outdoor patio space is different and each needs care and attention. If you have a busy lifestyle or are unable to care for your garden, take a look at our handyman services in London. Our guys are reliable, professional and highly skilled. 

Roofers in London

There are several different types of roof styles. We are fast becoming a nation enjoying renovation projects, DIY and residential building programs. With this increase of ‘designer’ houses being planned and built, the functional roof is becoming more creative and innovative.  

Typical roof styles include:

Mansard roof – has four slopes, two on each side. Gives space for a larger storage space or additional living at the top of the house. 

Registered Tradesmen in London

Builders in LondonYour Local Authority Building Control will need to be informed about certain building projects you wish to add to your house. 

Unless you use a Competent Person Scheme registered tradesmen, you will need to inform the Authority about the following:

Installation of new boiler

Replacement of a heating system or any boiler

Protect valuables from water damage

Plumber in LondonWith all this wet weather we've been having it’s a good idea to be cautious about leaks and possible floods. It is not likely for homes in central London and surrounding boroughs to flood, however, if you have any untreated holes in your building or damp walls that still need to be looked at and fixed, there is no harm in protecting your valuables. 

Painter and Decorators in London

Painter and Decorator LondonIt is quite common for cracks to appear in the walls of your home. Generally, this happens because the plaster and walls of your home naturally expand and contract, known as breathing. Most of the time small cracks can be harmless and decorated over but if larger cracks are continually growing it is best to find the cause of the problem. 

Likely causes of cracking: 

Maintaining window fittings in london homes

Handyman in LondonIf you are considering having new windows fitted to your London home but don’t want to change the aesthetics and characteristic values to your home, consider secondary double glazing.  

Handymen in London

Handyman in LondonDiscoloured caulking, broken tiles and squeaking doors are niggling problems within the home that just don’t seem to get fixed quickly and are always put on the bottom of the to do list. These jobs don’t take that long to complete and will make drab areas shine.  

Plumbers in central london fixing blocked toilets

Plumber in LondonAfter a busy weekend it can be guaranteed there is a toilet blocked somewhere in the bars and night clubs around the city. This is not a pleasant sight and needs to be dealt with before the next opening hours. 

Wood Rot in London

Handyman in LondonDry rot is the most serious form of fungal bacteria in a building. It can spread onto and eat away much of the timber and other building materials.

Common signs of dry rot are:

Darkening colour and shrinking of wood 

In cooler areas a grey coating with patches of yellow often develops 

In warmer conditions a fluffy white material will develop

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