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News: The Green Deal

Solar PanelsWhat is The Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a government scheme to make energy saving improvements to your property without paying the full cost in one payment. 

The products and improvements available are:

Insulation – loft or cavity wall insulation

Draught proofing


Double glazing

Renewable energy devices – solar panels or wind turbines

Need inspiration for your refurbishment?

Refurbishment LondonBefore you begin a refurbishment, it is essential to have a plan of how you wish your home to become. A scrapbook or visual document is handy to keep rolling out ideas and to form your ideal home. Yes, some things may change during the project and others may have to be compromised but at least there is a visual back up of inspiration.

Flooding Issues

Flooding LondonHome insurance is essential and necessary to keeping you and your home protected from damages and burglaries. Unfortunately it does not cover everything and natural disasters can be a real pain to claim on damages. 

Typical natural disaster coverage can (may not always) include:



Damage by windstorm and hail

Smoke damage

Protect your property from a burglary

Burglaries in LondonOur homes are somewhere we can relax, de stress, and a retreat from the rest of the world. To come home to a burglary is a shock and knowing that someone else has been in our homes is deeply upsetting. In the past few years London has received the most amounts of burglaries in the UK.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reduce Carbon EmissionsCarbon Emissions are produced from the release of Carbon Dioxide when burning carbon based fuels. When carbon dioxide is released it absorbs heat from the sun, keeping the earth warm. Climate change and global warming are due to too much Carbon Dioxide in the air.

On a daily basis we produce carbon emissions from: 

- petrol and diesel in cars

Water Damage to your London Property

Water damage londonWater damage can be caused by small and critical things such as wood rot, the rusting of steel, flooding, storms or snow. Water spots are quite minor, but can over time become and cause bigger problems.  

If your home has water damage due to a storm it is essential to dry all areas and keep a continual flow of air circulation to help prevent mold. Cover as many areas as possible with tarp to prevent any more harm. 

Snow Threats

Snow Threats LondonThe snow is coming in thick and fast at present. It is fun to play in, but not fun for your home. Snow can cause several problems to the home, which need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Because snow is an insulator, when it sits on the roof, the underlying snow will melt and this excess water flows towards the guttering. The guttering will be colder, therefore the water refreezes, clogging the guttering. 

News: Developments to London's Skyline

Builders in LondonWith a decline in available finances and prospective tenants, there are questions continuously arising about London's future skyline.

Flat refurbishment in London

Builders in LondonYou’ve found the perfect home, and now the interior needs to match your personality. 

Whether this is a flat you are refurbishing to rent or to live in, make it beautiful and make the most of its character. 

Commercial refurbishment in central London

Builders in LondonRefurbishing a pub, club or bar in central london doesn’t have to cost the earth but can have a huge impact on profit and turn over. 

An investment into a property, if done right, will secure the rewards. We Brits love a good pub, especially one with an inviting and warm atmosphere. 

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