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News: Redevelopments in London

Battersea Power StationThere are multiple developments in areas of London currently under way. The Capital is forever growing, the need to support an increasing population and improve certain areas are ongoing and hot topics of discussion. Plans for transport links, new homes and communities aim to advance a forever expanding London. 

Prevent Scalding Injuries

Prevent ScaldingScalding is a form of burning, caused from boiling water, steam or hot liquids such as oil. It can be really serious and cause quite a lot of damage. A scald over more than 20% of the body can have the same effect as being hit by a bus. Most common scalds happen in the bath. More than 2,000 children are taken to hospital each year because they have been scalded with hot water. 

DIY Safety Tips

DIY safetyWhen working at home or making changes in the office it is important to ensure health and safety at all times. Sometimes, we take it for granted, there can be a lot of obstacles in the workplace so before you start on a project just take five minutes to tidy the area and clear your surroundings. 

Save on energy bills

Saving energy At present energy prices are constantly fluctuating and suppliers are battling against each other to have the best available deal. It is better for the environment and cheaper in the long run to use energy efficient products and methods.

Moisture problems

Moisture ProblemsPeeling exterior paint and mold can be a result of too much moisture in your home. It could be from a leaking roof or gutter or result from an often steamed up bathroom from showering or heat from cooking. If you do have a serious moisture problem with damp and mold, sort this out first. Read our blog on Protecting your home from Damp.  

Housing in London

Houses in LondonLondon is the busiest city in the UK, and is in high demand for housing both private and social. Here are a few facts courtesy of London Councils that shed light upon London’s current housing situation. 

Hello Spring!

Spring CleanIt’s that time of the year again, now that we are officially in the British Summertime, let’s scrub down and have a good spring clean. It’s so satisfying clearing old clothes, household items and junk we just don’t use any more, and refreshing to get out in the garden, have a good tidy up and de clutter. It may be a dull task, but makes your home feel newer, more inviting and could save you some cash in the long run.

Central London Plumbers

Plumber in LondonHow do you know that when you call in a plumber, he is not only reliable, but also trust worthy and knows what he is doing?

Serious Drain Blockages

Drain damageSerious drain blockages can affect your home and living situation. When a pipe leaks, the flowing water carries soil with it, this can result in soft ground or flooding. If your neighbours have drainage problems too, it is most likely the problem will be from the sewer. 

Signs of drainage problems include:

- Water taking time to drain from sinks

- Unfriendly smells

Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problemsCommon Plumbing problems can be maintained simply and efficiently, to prevent any major damages and problems to your home. 

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