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Energy bills on the increase

energy bills

Household energy prices are continuously fluctuating at present. There are multiple schemes around that aim to reduce monthly bills or cost effective products that say will save you money in the long run, however, that still doesn’t necessarily help the situation now. 

UK Construction

UK constructionThe level of construction productivity is at its lowest level since 1998. Since the coalition Government came to power in 2010 the UK construction industry has shrunk by 10% and up to 90,000 jobs have been lost. The economy would have grown three times faster had the Government done more to stop the decline in activity for the UK construction industry, says a study for the industry. 

Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectorIt is essential that your home is fitted with smoke alarms so that you are given an early warning if there is an outbreak of fire. There needs to be a device fitted on each floor of your house so that anyone can pick up smoke and sound a warning. The positioning of the device is important and should be placed between sleeping places so a warning can be heard at night and where a fire could start like the kitchen or lounge.  

Barbecue safety in London

BBQ safety londonIt looks like the weather is finally attempting to get a bit warmer, meaning only one thing, its barbecue time. Any available green space, private garden or roof terrace accompanies a good BBQ in London, but health and safety measures need to be taken into account at all times, especially in small and public spaces. There are only a couple of parks in London that allow you to have disposable barbecues, check first so you don’t get a fine.   

Avoid electrical shocks in London

Prevent electric shockEvery year in the UK, 2.5 million people will receive an electric shock, 350,000 of these cases are fatal and cause serious injury. 

An electric shock happens when an electric current passes through the body. Small to large currents can pass through, affecting the heart and tissue. 

Property in London

Property LondonProperty prices in London have increased, again, this time by 9.1% since the beginning of 2013. This is a huge increase of £20,000, being the strongest start to the property market since 2004. Around £500,000 is now the average asking price for a house in London. In the boroughs of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and now Camden, average house prices are more than £1 million. 

Property damage in London

Tree damageTrees can have many opposing effects to residential and commercial properties in London. Strong winds can damage branches or the whole tree trunk to fall, damaging buildings close by. Falling and gathering leaves can block gutters and tree roots can physically damage a property from below. Houses built on clay will be affected the most from tree roots.

Pevent Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problemsSometimes it is possible to prevent the need for a plumber in London with a little basic plumbing knowledge and maintenance.

Regeneration of West London

Hammersmith flyoverPlans to regenerate areas of West London including Hammersmith, Chiswick, Earls Court and the former BBC wood lane site are underway. Most plans have been approved and backed by local councils and Mayor of London Boris Johnson. 

Summer house maintenance

Summer house maintenanceNow that the weather is gradually getting warmer, it’s a good idea to inspect any gaps, cracks and faults you may have in your home. Don’t put off those little ‘to-do’s’ any longer as it will help you save cash in the long run. 

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