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PAT Testing in your London offices or home

Electrician in LondonPortable appliance testing (PAT) is the examination and testing of electrical appliances and electrical apparatus to certify they are safe to use.
Most electrical safety faults can be obvious but some types of problems can only be detected by testing. Some forms of electrical safety failing can't be detected by testing alone therefore an examination by eye is essential.


Has your London property got asbestos?

Builder in LondonAsbestos is the name given to a number of occurring fibrous minerals generally used in installating the home. It can come in several types, the most common are:

•    Chrysotile
•    Crocidolite
•    Amosite

Simple gutter maintenance to your london home

Handyman in LondonDue to our current weather conditions, it is a very good idea to check your gutters. If your gutters are leaking, blocked or over flowing, rain water is permitted to run down the walls causing damp externally and internally within your home. This can then result in a long term damp problem inside your London home. This will damage the aesthetics of your house and can also damage your wallet by resulting in expensive repair bills.

Plumbers in london who can fix occuring faults with your boiler

Plumber in LondonMost boiler problems happen when there is something wrong with the thermostat, electronic programmer, radiator valve or condensate pipe. Errors with these controls can increase your gas bills and make your home unpleasantly hot or cold. Simple checks to these controls will help to keep your boiler running smoothly.


Prevent electrical injuries in your london home

Electrician in LondonElectrical injuries can occur at any time, even from low voltage domestic appliances. Major injuries can occur from poor practice of electrical safety and home DIY. It’s very important to stay safe when working with electricity; we recommend that you always get a professional in to prevent the following injuries: 


Energy efficient building materials

Builder in LondonMore people are ‘going green’ as new energy-efficient building products are entering the market each year. Some builders are reluctant to using these products because of raising their material costs, however, experts in energy conservation dispute that more renewable, recycled energy efficient materials will lead to lower heating and cooling costs in a household, allowing the homeowner to recuperate this money spent within several years.

Tips when hiring a handyman in london

Its tricky to fiHandyman in Londonnd a handyman in London who you can trust and who is also qualified to do the job. There are several NVQ qualifications for handymen services which cater for home maintenance improvements from plumbing and plastering to kitchen fitting.

Office Refurbishments in London

Office Refurbishment LondonStatistics show that a happy and contented workforce performs better than one that is unhappy, so perhaps it is time to consider a refurbishment to your London office.

4 simple tips to maintain the roof of your london home

Roofer in LondonFollow these four simple steps for correct roof maintenance to ensure that you’re getting the longest life possible from your London home.

Plasterers in london

Plasterer in LondonThere are varying types of plastering to suit different external and internal walls, ceilings and finishes. Our London plasterers will be able to advise you with the type of plaster and finish needed for your London home.
Plaster is used for coating walls and ceilings because it remains quite soft after application. It can be easily manipulated which makes it suitable for a finishing.

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