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Wood Rot in London

Handyman in LondonDry rot is the most serious form of fungal bacteria in a building. It can spread onto and eat away much of the timber and other building materials.

Common signs of dry rot are:

Darkening colour and shrinking of wood 

In cooler areas a grey coating with patches of yellow often develops 

In warmer conditions a fluffy white material will develop

The bacteria will cause a stale, damp odour

Red coloured bacteria can latch onto the fruiting bodies

Wet rot occurs more frequently, but is less serious - decay is typically confined to the area where timber has become and remains wet.

Typical causes of wet rot are:

gutter leaks

roofing defects

plumbing leaks 

Damp, poorly ventilated settings are susceptible to wet rot

Dry rot and wet rot will start spreading in similar ways. The wood-destroying bacteria that occur during an outbreak produce millions of microscopic bacteria which are then spread through the air. The bacterium inside the wood breaks the material down turning it into food. 

Wet rot can bleach the wood, make it shrink, become brittle and unsafe.  

Check out this guide to identifying wood rot. It’s not for the faint hearted!

If you have or had wood rot and need help getting rid of waste, re decorating or require a re build, get in touch with our tradesmen. We have a handyman in London, painter in London or even builder in London to help turn your property into a home again. 


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