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Selling your london home

london homeKnowing the value of your house is key. It is always worth getting your home appraised. If the market is good, the sale price of your home could be placed 10 – 15% above the appraisal. In a weaker market the selling price will be similar to the appraisal. 

You will usually have a pre-sale inspection before your house goes onto the market so don’t allow for complications during this inspection. Ensure all jobs, big or small have been amended and cleared – like loose carpeting, exterior paint jobs and any flaky paint cleared up, clean and replace necessary grouting on bathroom or kitchen tiles. Be quite objective and try and put yourself in the prospective buyers’ shoes. Get rid of any rubbish and clutter, making your home opening and welcoming. These jobs may be a niggling pain, but it will make all the difference when a viewer sees a well-kept home. You can have control of how to handle these problems before a pre-sale inspection. 

A house can often be undervalued if the owner needs a quick sale or overvalued if the property has been on the market for too long. It’s a tricky one. Some agent commissions can run up to 6% of the house’s sale price so it’s best to try and let go of any sentimental attachments you have with your home in the process of a sale. 

If you require a tradesman for any building, plumbing or electrical work in preparation to selling you London home get in touch with us at pukkajob via our estimate page or call 0790 66 731 69 for a free quote today.


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