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Reducing waste in the UK

Recycle londonWaste is a continuing problem in the UK and we are seeing the effects on which it can harm our environment. It will be difficult to overcome climate change but if we all do a little extra to try and reduce our waste and reuse materials our environment will be that little bit more preserved and friendlier. 

In the UK, £12 billion worth of food is thrown away and packaging material makes up for 30% of municipal solid waste. 

The general thing to take note is to refuse what you don’t need, reduce what you do need, reuse what you consume and recycle what you cannot refuse. Compost what you can. A couple of standard tips are given below:

- Try and repair old items when possible, to save buying new ones. 

- Return plastic containers to the shops or reuse them when shopping.

- Drought tolerant and native plants can help save on the amount of water used to hydrate your garden or patio area.

- If possible install a rainwater catchment.

- Recycle batteries. Some supermarkets will have a bin to dispose of used batteries. 

- Compost food and garden waste, you can always request a garden waste bin from your council if you do not already have one. 

- Recycle clothes, wood, metal, furniture and paint where possible to local community centres, schools or charity shops. 

- Or if you are on a budget and need to make home improvements try asking local DIY shops and timber yards if they have spare materials or cut offs.

In 1998 in the US almost 4 million pounds of excess paint were collected at a household hazardous waste site in which a large volume of this was still usable. If stored correctly, paint stays in good condition for a long time and if it mixes smoothly, it can still be used. 

B&Q bought a house near southapmton to attempt an eco build project. With the help from charity BioRegional, the building team were able to implement sustainability and design a stylish home with innovative materials.  The goal was to comply with Passivhaus standard where possible and the BRE Sustainable Refurbishment Code. The project was a success proving that with a little forward thinking and effort we can achieve a home which is suitable for sustainability and more environmentally friendly. 

If you need help getting rid of garden waste, furniture and materials our handymen in London will be more than happy to help. Get in touch today via our estimate page or call 0790 66 731 69 for a free quote today. 


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