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Reduce heat in London home

hot weather londonIt’s great that London is finally seeing some sun this year, but the heat has been pretty intense. With temperatures rising to above 25’C on some days and keeping at 22’C in the evening, it is not something our homes and ourselves are used to, especially when having to work. In Britain, we have devices in place to keep homes warm during the winter, but nothing to help the sticky summer nights. It is bearable however and the following tips aim to keep your home cool during the day.

Because heat rises, it will collect upstairs, making it irritable to sleep in the evenings. Open the attic door or loft hatch to let the heat rise even further allowing the lower floor of your house to get cooler. 

Instead of pulling the curtains, you need to block the sunlight outside of the window glass. Some people have external shutters (mainly for aesthetic purposes as we are not in the Mediterranean) our handyman services in London can fit external shutters, or our london carpenters can provide bespoke services. 

Do not have a fan turned on in an unused room. Just shut the door or have a window open if it’s safe to. 

High rise flats in London can be a pain to live in whilst there is hot weather. Generally it is not safe to have a window open on lower floors for risk of burglary. It’s a cheap tip, but if you have an electric fan, place a large bowl of ice safely underneath it (not directly underneath – remember water does not go hand in hand with electrics) It aims to help spread the air. 

White window shades or mini blinds can help reduce solar heat. 

When possible, delay using heat generating items like using a dishwasher, leave it until the evening. 

It goes without saying but don’t allow unwanted heat and humidity into your home, if possible, keep the house closed during the day and naturally ventilate the place at night. 

If you require a handyman or carpenter services in London, give us a call on 0790 667 3169 or fill in a quick form via our estimate page. No job is too small, we will be more than happy to help. 


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