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Protect your property from a burglary

Burglaries in LondonOur homes are somewhere we can relax, de stress, and a retreat from the rest of the world. To come home to a burglary is a shock and knowing that someone else has been in our homes is deeply upsetting. In the past few years London has received the most amounts of burglaries in the UK. Over 93,000 homes were broken into resulting in damage, emotional upset and on occasions, violence. 

According to an infographic released in January 2012 by Tesco Compare, a burglary takes place every 40 seconds in the UK. 

44% of these cases happen in broad day light. 

56% of burglaries happen at night

57% cases happen at night when someone is in the house

73% of burglars use doors


What a burglar will look for before entering a home:

- No Alarm

- No Security systems

- Single glazing

- Weak doors and window fittings

- Tools or objects available to hand like wood, bricks, garden tools 

- A ladder, for entering upstairs windows

- If the back window is open

- Removable slats from Louvre windows


Ensure to keep your home safe from burglars by:

- Making it as hard as possible for the burglar to get into your property

- If you are on holiday, make the house look like someone is still living there

- Mark valuable possessions with an ultra-violet pen so they can be traced back to you if police recover them

- Fit window locks to downstairs windows and windows that are easily accessible 


Fitting a surveillance system to your home helps keep peace of mind, increases security and can on occasion decrease financial risk. 

If you require a Surveillance and CCTV installation or wish to receive more advice, contact us via our estimate page


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