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Protect your london home from damp

Painter and Decorator in LondonDamp in the home can be a real pain, cause serious damage to the interior of the home and possibly destroy personal items. Damp problems need to be taken care of quickly to stop any extra damage. 

The three main causes of damp are condensation, penetrating damp or rising damp.

The most common damp problems in buildings and homes is caused by condensation. The air in the building has high moisture content and will settle on any cold surface, from a cold wall to the glass in a window. It is almost impossible to get rid of condensation completely, so it’s best to control it as thorough as you can.

•    Insulate your home where possible, then there are fewer places for the condensation to appear.
•    Switch the extractor fan on whilst cooking and keep the lid on boiling pans when possible.
•    Allow wet/damp clothes to dry outside when it’s not raining.
•    Try not to use bottled gas heaters or paraffin heaters as these produce moisture when burning.
•    When possible leave the window open after a shower. Make sure the door is shut so that moisture does not transfer to other rooms.

Penetrating damp occurs when water enters the property. It’s difficult to find the entry point as the water could be running for a while before the damage is spotted. It can occur through walls, around windows where the seal has been destroyed or through the roof. A common area for penetrating damp problems is around chimney stacks.

Rising damp occurs when water from the ground rises upwards through the matrials of a building. In some cases the damp plaster on the inside of the wall will need replacing and knocking through. It could take months for the wall to full dry out before it can be re plastered.

Don’t let damp be a problem. Get in touch with one of our handymen or decorators to review the problem and recieve a quote.

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