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Protect valuables from water damage

Plumber in LondonWith all this wet weather we've been having it’s a good idea to be cautious about leaks and possible floods. It is not likely for homes in central London and surrounding boroughs to flood, however, if you have any untreated holes in your building or damp walls that still need to be looked at and fixed, there is no harm in protecting your valuables. 

Move costly possessions, electrical products and important documents upstairs. Remove any item from the floor that would create a higher risk to damage.

Stock up on sandbags to ensure you have something to block entrances with. Floorboards could also be used to block doorways. Air brick covers can also be used to stop water coming in through air bricks.

Protect irreplaceable items with sentimental value by putting them in waterproof bags and placing upstairs, or on a higher level. 

Protect furnishings by hanging them over curtain rails, placing upstairs or covering with a waterproof material if they are larger items.

Clear any ditches and cut back foliage to ensure saplings do not get lodged or embeded in beds, banks or driveways.

If you need a roofer in london, plumber in London or builder in london because of water damage to your home don't hesitate to contact us. Give us the details of the job you require via our estimate page or give us a call on 07906673169. 


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