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Plumbers in central london fixing blocked toilets

Plumber in LondonAfter a busy weekend it can be guaranteed there is a toilet blocked somewhere in the bars and night clubs around the city. This is not a pleasant sight and needs to be dealt with before the next opening hours. 

Do not keep flushing a blocked toilet, the water will just keep filling the bowl and may over flow. Generally, a blocked toilet can be fixed with a plunger. When using a plunger, ensure there is enough water in the toilet bowl to cover the rubber cup, and move the plunger up and down. If there isn’t enough water in the toilet bowl, fill a bowl of water from the sink and pour this into the toilet so the plunger is covered. If this doesn’t work then it’s time to call a plumber in central london

If water is seeping from underneath the toilet, there is a fault with the seal that joins the toilet bowl to the drainage system, or the leak is coming from a crack in the bowl. If this is the case, a new gasket needs to be installed or the whole toilet needs to be removed and replaced with a new one. If this is a problem you recognise, you definitely need a plumber!

Finding a reliable plumber in central London is often hard to come by. Our Pukkajob plumbers are trustworthy, consistent and always work to a high quality standard. All our plumbers are gas safe registered and know a faucet from a stop cock. 

We have a plumber available for work in Covent Garden, Mayfair, Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Seven Dials, Holborn, Tottenham Court Road, Bloomsbury and Aldwych. Get a quote for the job you require and we will be more than happy to help. 


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