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Planning permission for new businesses in london

Construction londonIf you are starting a new business and developing the perfect site to work from, you will need to take into consideration and apply for certain permissions from the council. Generally you need permission for the following:

Developing new buildings

Changing the use of an existing building

Extending, converting or altering an existing building

Erecting signs or shop fascias

When applying for planning permission it is best practice to comply with all the statements and follow instructions to make the most details application as possible. The following points will need to be looked out and are super important when applying for, changing or developing business premises:   

Design statement – for some major schemes you may have to consult the council's urban design team.

Environmental performance statement - enables the council to consider how the design of the development addresses sustainability issues. 

Transport assessment - allows the council to assess the impact of the development on road congestion and the local environment. 

Travel plan - allows the council to consider how the level of traffic generated by the development can be reduced. 

Air quality assessment - If you are planning a development that will attract large numbers of vehicles and/or include certain industrial processes, you will need to complete an air quality impact assessment so the council can consider the potential impact of the development on the air quality of the area. 

Noise assessment - enables the council to consider the potential impact of the development on the ambient noise levels of the area. 

Archaeological evaluation - is required if the development might affect the archaeological heritage of the site and the council will need to assess the implications of the proposal. 


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