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Painter and Decorator LondonIt is quite common for cracks to appear in the walls of your home. Generally, this happens because the plaster and walls of your home naturally expand and contract, known as breathing. Most of the time small cracks can be harmless and decorated over but if larger cracks are continually growing it is best to find the cause of the problem. 

Likely causes of cracking: 

Changes in temperature within a building

Changes in moisture levels in a building

Vibrations from passing traffic

Plasterboard joined too tightly 

Shrinkage of wall material

Expansion of wall material 

Corrosion of wall ties

Movement of foundations

Flaking Paint:

The flaking of paint occurs over time, the paint film splits through each coat of paint becoming flakey and loose. 

To fix the problem, remove all the loose, flakey paint with a scraper or brush and sand the area. Use filler if necessary to ensure all the gaps are solid and use primer on bare wood before re painting. 

Exterior Paint:

The outside of your home constantly accumulates dirt. Dust and debris on the surface of the paint can cause algae and bacteria to grow. This problem could happen by using a low quality paint, air pollution, fumes and general dust. 

Before re painting wash off all the dirt and debris. High quality exterior paint or higher gloss paints are more resistant to dirt and debris and easier to wash. 

Our Pukkajob painters and decorators have a wide knowledge of paints and will be more than happy to sort out any problems you may have with flakey old paint and internal or external cracks! We cover the entire central London and greater London areas within the M25. Get an estimate from a painter and decorator in London today!


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