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Painter and decorator in LondonDIY is great if you have the knowhow, best tips and tools to complete the job. Painting a room or decorating your whole house can be a daunting task. There are factors to include like the quantities of wallpaper needed, what kind of wallpaper is needed, the number of coats of paint and so on.

First thing to do is to strip and remove all existing wallpaper. Cover the floors with dust sheets so the old wallpaper doesn’t stick to the carpet or flooring. Sand down any blemishes and plaster where necessary.


Lining paper is used as a base for painting.  It gives a smooth surface to paint onto.

Wood chip is a cheaper paper containing small bits of wood between two pieces of paper. When too thin it can be easily torn and when too thick it is hard to trim.

Relief wallpaper is good for covering rough or uneven surfaces. The paper has a raised pattern imprinted.

Textured vinyl papers are hard wearing and relatively easy to hang.


Ensure that you use the right paste for the wallpaper you have chosen. For vinyl papers use a paste that prevents mould growth. For other papers use a hot or cold water paste. Avoid lumps developing by stirring well. On the back of the paste packet it will have instructions for mixing and standing times.


If you are choosing to paint over wallpaper or straight onto the wall ensure you have the right colour. Emulsion paints usually require two coats and can be used on ceilings and walls. Specific paints for the kitchen and bathroom are available which have moisture and grease resistant properties.

A roller is good to use when painting large surface areas. It gives a more even finish than a paintbrush.

If you are using a paintbrush then shake out any loose bristles. You will need to use a smaller paintbrush when cutting in the ceiling, skirting board and window areas.

If you are not confident with DIY, get a quote from our painters and decorators in london at Pukkajob. We are happy to help whether it’s decorating your whole house, one room or exterior windows. No job is too small.

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