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Painter and decorators for improvements to the exterior of your london home

Painter and Decorater in LondonThe exterior of your home should look as good as what is inside, you wouldn’t live with wood rot, mould or flaking paint in your bedroom or kitchen. The following problems can make a home look tired, ran down and unloved.

Peeling Paint: Older buildings were made from a mixture of stone and brick with a lime mortar, which are breathable because they let water vapour pass through them. If you want to paint over these materials, make sure you use breathable masonry paint. Non-breathable paints will seal in any moisture within the buildings structure. When water needs to escape from the stone or brick it will, leaving the paint work to peel and crack.

Loose Cement: If cement render is coming away from your brick work it is because the cement is not sticking to the stonework properly. By using a lime render, the mixture will adhere positively to the stone and last much longer than using cement.

Wood rot: If you are unsure on whether you have a wood rot infestation, a tried and tested home test is to place a bunch of flowers into a tray of oil. Woodworms are attracted to pollen so will track out the smell and get trapped in the tray by the oil. A good way to treat the infected areas is with borax, a natural mineral which acts as a preservative. It will prevent dry and wet rot. It can help to stop infestation if your house already suffers from rot. 

Small improvements to the exterior of your home will not cost too much and benefit you greatly. Some problems will need to be reviewed by a professional, so get in touch with one of our handymen or painter and decorators to make the exterior of your London home shine.

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