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Maintaining window fittings in london homes

Handyman in LondonIf you are considering having new windows fitted to your London home but don’t want to change the aesthetics and characteristic values to your home, consider secondary double glazing.  

Double glazing is very common; most new homes have double glazing fitted. A lot of older buildings and listed properties do not have double glazing. Changes to the exterior cannot be made on a listed building. This is where secondary double glazing can be an option, by trapping air between the existing window and secondary window to reduce draughts, improve heat loss and eliminate noise pollution. 

Advanatges to having secondary double glazing are:

Prevents heat loss, reduces heating bills and draughts

Largely reduces outside noise and road traffic

Kills condensation

Will not discolour with age

Can be applied to stonework

Window strips can be painted to match inside and exterior colour 

Will not affect internal shutters or blind fittings

More affordable than replacement windows

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to check your window’s and frames for any damages or leaks. 

Maintaining windows new and old:

Check every other month that your windows are watertight, so that moisture does not get into the walls. Moisture can create rot, mold and pest problems. See our post on how to identify wood rot.

Keep an eye on the window flashing – the material installed around the windows, used to prevent water seeping through the gaps of the window and building. 

Check window openings and caulking where sealant might be old and coming away. Clean the frame of the window before re caulking. 

Check the exterior painting. The painted molding keeping the window in place should very slightly overlap onto the glass acting as a seal to keep moisture at bay.  

Check for decaying wood around the window frame.

If you have found a leak that has been on going, the window may have to be taken out for further inspection. 

Pukkajob do not install or design new windows. We do have a handyman in London, painter in London or even builder in London available to maintain the window i.e. re caulking, paint the exterior of the property or re build affected walls from leaks and rot. Tell us your details via our estimate page and we will be more than happy to help. 


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