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Maintaining Radiators in your london home

Plumber in LondonSimple radiator maintenance is essential before the winter months. There are a variety of modern heating systems, but radiators are still the most common. 

Radiant heating is more energy efficient and easier to sustain. Water is heated up and carried through the piping attached to your radiators situated throughout the house. The hot water sent through the pipes allows the radiators to heat up. The warm air surrounding the radiator generates a small air flow which then travels around the room allowing it to heat. When the radiators are turned off, there is still warm water within them which continues to heat the house. 

Bleeding your radiators is an important, safe and quick task that should be conducted annually. The process allows tapped air to be released. If your radiator is cold at the top but warm at the bottom, its more than likely that trapped air will be the problem. 

1. Turn off your central heating

2. Find the bleed valve - usually located on the side of the radiator

3. Place a cloth or bowl underneath the bleed valve to catch any water that may leak

4. To bleed the radiator, insert the bleed key into the bleed valve (located in step two) and carefully turn it anticlockwise. (Not too much, just half a turn will do) You will hear a hissing sound; this is the trapped air in your radiator escaping. You will know when all the air will have escaped because water starts to trickle out of the valve. 

5. Re tighten the bleed valve carefully and ensure it’s tight. Clear up any spills.

6. Switch the central heating back on once you have finished bleeding all the radiators in the house, making sure that all the bleed valves are tight so no air can escape. 

If you find yourself having problems or discover a bigger concern, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our plumbers. We will be more than happy to help, so you have peace of mind your home is secure and safe for your family. 


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