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Insulation in LondonInsulation in the home is used to prevent heat loss. Generally, insulation saves you money by lowering energy bills and keeps the home warmer through winter months. 

In an uninsulated home, a quarter of the heat produced in the home is lost through the roof and a third of heat can be lost through the walls. The Energy Saving Trust gives a more detailed explanation of wall insulation, Cavity wall insulation and solid wall insulation. 

Different types of insulation can include:

Fiberglass insulation - frequently found in air ducts, pipes, roofs, walls and floors. It comes in two different forms, fiberglass loose-fill insulation and fiberglass blanket insulation; this comes in varying densities and sizes. Fiberglass is made up of recycled glass, sand and is naturally incombustible. It is very energy efficient and can reduce energy bills and will not retain moisture. 

Polystyrene insulation - is most often used for making foam board, concrete block and loose fill insulation. Foam board polystyrene's thermal resistance depends on its density.

Radiant barrier – is a reflective surface panel which faces out onto an open space. Mainly installed in the attic, it is designed to minimise heat absorbed in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter. A Radiant barrier can prevent up to 90% of radiant heating which hits the roof surface. This type of insulation can lower energy costs.

Reflective insulation - is made up of a type of metallic foil, lined with a plastic film, polyethylene bubbles and cardboard. The insulation aims to prevent radiant heat transfer between open spaces and includes a radiant barrier as well as other insulation materials. 

Most houses in Britain will be insulated with either standard or more modern insulation materials. Older houses are more likely to need solid wall insulation. If you are renovating or building a new house then be sure to discuss the possibilities with your project manager. If you need a builder in London then look no further, pukkajob has the guys for you. 


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