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Energy Efficient Heating Systems for your london home

Plumber in LondonTankless water heaters are cost effective alternatives to conventional heaters. They are easy to install and don’t require a storage tank to supply hot water. A water flow sensor controls the water flow into the heater. The burner is automatically ignited and the water flows through the heat exchanger, which in turn instantly heats the water to the required temperature. The heater stops automatically when the hot water tap is turned off and the temperature can be adjusted with the turn of a dial. The best thing about tankless water heaters is that they never run out of hot water.


The advantages of tankless water heaters are:

Only heat water when required, thereby reducing the energy used during standby intervals.
can allow you to save up to 20% on the heating bill.

Because hot water is not stored, the chance of bacteria growth is lessened.
lower maintenance, and longer equipment life

You can choose from electric tankless water heaters or gas/propane tankless water heaters.


Disadvantages to tankless water heaters:

They cannot provide sufficient hot water for too much immediate use, like taking a shower and doing laundry at the same time.

The heaters may leak if exposed to freezing temperatures.

Tankless water heaters do require more instantaneous power compared to traditional water heaters, however, they are widely used for both commercial and residential purposes.


You should weigh up the pro’s and con’s before choosing the correct water heater for your London home.
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