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Drainage Problems London

Drainage problems londonDrainage problems can cause serious damage to your London home. If you notice any of the following problems, get them checked out and keep an eye on minor things that could lead to potential complications. 

Vertical streaks of dirt on the outside of guttering, mud spattered on siding, or paint peeling off the house in vertical strips are sure signs that your guttering is leaking. Debris is likely to be stuck which causes the blockage. It’s best to get overflowing gutters fixed swiftly because they can cause structural damage, side rot and ruin exterior paint jobs. 

Dumping water can damage the foundations of your home. For every inch of rain that falls on a 1,000 sq ft area of roof produces more than 600 gallons of run off. This is enough water to fill ten bath tubs! Dumping water will seriously affect flooring and furnishings and needs to be cleared ASAP. 

If you have surface water problems, you can usually tell with a stain. This can be easy to deal with; however, it can be a bigger problem if caused by water moving underground. 

Keep an eye on cracks appearing in your home. Naturally, small cracks will appear over time but if they get larger they can cause problems by continuing to widen and wear away at the foundation of your home. 

Spalling is when a wall flakes off in large patches. This usually happens when mineral deposits are left by evaporating water. If you catch it quick it may not cause structural problems, leave it and water could be getting inside the masonry, a sign of inadequate drainage. 

If you have mildew on the inside of the attic, it could mean problems at ground level because moisture from underneath the house is rising and condensing on the underside of the roof. If this is the problem, the source of dampness needs to be found from underneath the house and stopped.  

If not drained properly, soil will leak rain which can run off in sheets, carving dips in the landscape and dumping silt and debris where it shouldn’t go. In serious cases, this can wash base material away from paved garden areas. 

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