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Recycling londonRecycling is an important issue and we must put more effort in attempting to produce less waste. In a recent report conducted by a recycling bin company, the UK only manage to recycle 39% of its municipal solid waste. Austria is in the lead with a recycling rate of 63%. Among other countries with an impressive recycling rate are Germany 62%, Belgium and Switzerland 50% and Sweeden and the US 49%. This demonstrates that there is room for improvement for the UK to recycle more and be less reliant on landfill. To achieve a higher rate of recycling we must be able to make more waste products recyclable, or make them so that they can be reused. 

Commercial offices can make small changes to help improve their recycling rate. Most businesses should already have implemented recycling bins within the office; it is not a new thing and makes a substantial difference. Using proper glasses or mugs instead of plastic cups given out by a water cooler is eco-friendly and will save on costs. Upgrading new office furniture needn’t be a costly affair. It is always worth looking into quality second hand furniture and the old furniture could be given to a charity or local community scheme. To help replenish and filter air, place a few plants around the office, air quality helps the wellbeing of occupants in the office. Using recycled paper and stationary is useful and there are more quality brands now with varying products. 

Fly tipping commercial waste is increasing at an alarming rate. Companies are dumping waste to avoid paying for disposal and landfill tax. General locations for fly tipping seem to be in fields and woodlands, the outskirts of parks and industrial estates. 

Every tonne recycled removes one tonne of C02 from the atmosphere forever. 

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