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Builder in LondonUrban properties have more square footage than you realise when you have access to a ground floor private patio or courtyard area and are able to use the roof. These areas once transformed can make a perfect silent hideaway or a vibrant flower patio with a skyline view. There is nothing more inviting than being able to relax in your own private living space after a long, hectic day at work.

Having a beautiful outdoor space in the city adds a real advantage to your lifestyle and home because it can be low maintenance, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to repair. You don’t need planning permission for a patio unless you live in a listed building. You do need to comply with building regulations to make sure that access to the house is not made difficult. 

Our pukkajob builders have the skills and knowledge to turn your outside living area into an urban retreat. Give us a rough idea of what you would like, and then we can help advise you with a plan, to suit your lifestyle and make the most of your garden. It’s always worthwhile making a collage of your preferred outdoor living space with pictures and magazine cut outs. Inspiration can be found at housetohome, channel4homes, ikea, floral and hardy, and ehow

Stone patios – granite, limestone and slate are expensive but possibly the most durable patio materials. 

Concrete block patios – Concrete slabs are also easy to install and come in different colours and finishes; the only drawback is that the colour can fade as the concrete wears away.

Clay slab patios – clay tiles or slabs are similar to concrete in thickness and durability, but the pigment runs throughout so the colour of your patio won’t fade over time.

Solid concrete or tarmac – these are cheaper patio materials but not as attractive.

Once your patio is complete it is very easy to maintain:

Every three months it's worth checking for loose or damaged slabs and making sure the pointing is intact.

If the patio freezes, using salt could damage the surface. Instead get rid of snow and ice with a plastic shovel or stiff brush.

Keep metal furniture inside during the winter months to prevent it from rusting. 

Weed and sweep regularly 

Get in touch with our builders to request a quote for a new patio and transform your outdoor living area. 


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