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Plumber in LondonIf you are attempting a spot of DIY to your bathroom tiles, make sure you know the basics, have the right equipment and time to do so. 

Ensure the surface you are tiling on is suitable. You can tile onto plaster, concrete, wooden floors and over existing tiles, but you need to make sure you have the right tiles and adhesives. Make sure you are using the right adhesive and grout for the job. 

Adhesive is used to apply the tile to ensure it sticks to the surface. 

- Use a water resistant adhesive for areas where there is condensation such as a shower or bath. 

- Standard adhesive can be used on walls in a dry area that has a very small amount of condensation

- Floor adhesives are all water resistant and come in powdered format

- Non flexible adhesive can be used on concrete, but for surfaces such as floor boards where there will be movement you will need a flexible adhesive.

- For walls use a ready mixed adhesive which includes self-primer. This will save you priming the wall beforehand. 

- Larger wall tiles – use a powder adhesive, this will need to be mixed

- Rapid set adhesive will dry within a few hours allowing you to grout the same day. For normal set adhesive allow 24 hours to dry before grouting.

- Use white adhesive on natural stone tiles, this will stop the adhesive from staining the tiles

Grout is used to avoid water and dirt getting into space between tiles. 

- Most grout is water resistant. Always check the label for use beforehand 

- For bath and shower areas use a water proof grout 

If you are wary about DIY, don’t have the confidence or don’t have the time, our pukkajob plumbers would be more than happy to help turn your bathroom into relaxation heaven. Tell us about your job and get a quote today.


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