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4 simple tips to maintain the roof of your london home

Roofer in LondonFollow these four simple steps for correct roof maintenance to ensure that you’re getting the longest life possible from your London home.

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roof cover. Every six months check the shingles for signs of splitting or collapsing. If you notice this, it means the shingles are weakening and need to be replaced as soon as possible. If you notice a problem get a quote for our roofing service in London.

Whether the rooftop to your London home has flashing, will depend on the material that it’s made out of. The purpose of flashing is to keep rain water from leaking inside your house. Roof flashing can lose its reliability after time, so you will want to check that it keeps water out efficiently. If it doesn’t, then it’s time for the old flashing to be replaced.

Roofs made out of metal, wood or similar material, need to be checked for dents and faults brought by adverse weather. Check for specific damage like chipping in wood and rusting in metal. Detecting these signs as they occur allows you to have your roof resurfaced and repaired before anything catastrophic transpires. They may be small now but these minor marks will worsen over time.

If your London home has a flat rooftop, it can become damaged by ‘water ponding’. When water is allowed to sit it can eventually leak through the roof and into the house, leading to problems like water damage and the growth of mould. Roof maintenance usually involves removing standing water within 48 hours of a period of heavy rain so that it has less of a chance to seep through the material and get inside the house.

Don’t attempt to mend any problem yourself. You may have YouTubed ‘how to fix a loose shingle’ but this work requires the knowledge of a professional. Keep your home and family safe and get in touch with one of our London roofers. We are happy to help with any job, large or small.

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